Too young to assist his mom at the bloody scene, a young boy's recollection brings comfort
(My thanks to the grammar patrol today. I have no proof reader)

In "Unprecedented Move" Nobel Peace Prize Chairman Demoted For Decision To Give Obama 2009 (Nobel Peace Prize) Award

Scientists grow kidneys of aborted babies in animals

Boy braves freezing temps to help sick friend

The 3 Angels of Quito

U.S. ambassador slashed in South Korea

Heart patients are being exsanguinated with all of the blood tests while in the hospital

Israel showdown with Iran over nukes falls on same week of Purim

Iran's Khemenei- 'Increasing global hatred of Israel is a sign of divine help' You're right EVIL DOER. They survived Haman's genocide, Hitler's genocide, confederation of Arab armies in '48 and '67, AND all the missiles Hamas threw at them in last year

Can a Pope be a heretic?

Charles J. Watters Memorial Bridge

Priest saved at least seven lives in fierce battle get the Medal of Honor and a Jersey Bridge named for him

From midwifery to geriatrics, Catholics are being driven out of vast areas of the medical profession. We need to fight back now

New Fern Discovery Pokes Hole In Evolutionary Theory

Why Atheists Don’t Really Exist

Proof of "Big Bang" creation theory put forth last year debunked in embarrassing blunder

“Why is it that they are willing to entertain bizarre explanations for our existence (other universes, the seeding of life on Earth by space aliens, etc.), but they are unwilling to consider biblical creation?” Thomas wrote in a recent online article. “Why do otherwise brilliant scientists embrace logically fallacious explanations for our existence?”

“The answer is quite simple,” Thomas continued. “Acknowledging creation requires that we acknowledge our Creator, and for many, that is simply unacceptable.”

“Creation remains the best scientific explanation for the reality in which we live, and science continues to point to our Creator,” he concluded.


Possible Golgotha ‘Place of the Skull’ loses its nose

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He suffers with you: The Lord's loving mercy and kindness which works in mysterious ways

Incredible Parallels Between the Purim Story and Nazi Trials
Netanyahu speech before Congress today reminds us of Purim (March 4-15) Please read Psalm 115, and take comfort. Psalm 115 likely refers to 2015. The most high God is about to deal with Iran and afterward, that nation will be remembered no more
(Going deeper, more details on Haman) 

  More on Anti-Christ candidate, Alex Tsipras
There is nothing definitive to indicate that he is the Big Bad Bastard of iniquity. The Bible tells us to watch and give joy when we see these sign. And that we will do as Tsipras remains a candidate worth watching

 Estimate has Milky Way planets at billionss
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Shroud shows what pain Jesus   endured

China Has Announced Plans For A ‘World Currency’

Pope Francis’s Homeless Guests ‘Are All Moving’ to St. Peter’s Square

Bail denied for Catholic priest charged with child porn

Federal judge confirms plan that settles hundreds of Montana clergy sex abuse claims

Deadly superbug infects patients at second LA hospital

Israel to increase water delivery to Gaza

Russell Wilson and the Qualities of True Leadership

Four decades of mending altar clothes

Spock's Vulcan "Live Long and Prosper" sign, is directly borrowed from Judaism

New Test Will Reveal 600 Potential “Genetic Flaws” in Unborn Children

Comparing the sins of America to the ancient Kingdom of Judah and seeing some startling likenesses

She was one of Las Vegas’ top prostitutes…until the cocaine, abortions, and abuse caught up with her: that’s when she met Jesus  

Jerusalem court FINALLY upholds Jewish prayer on Temple Mount