"God will give me two or three more years", says Pope
Pontiff hints nerve problems and early retirement

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St. Louis prelate issues letter on Ferguson violence

Ferguson crisis- 31 arrested as huge show of force fails to quell unrest

Trayvon Martin's mother writes

Hard to win in Montana if you mock God, guns, and the family

Pope Francis put his spiritual authority behind stopping ISIS barbarians from slaughtering thousands in Iraq

Bride learns fiancÚ faked his own death to get out of their wedding

Mom and daughters told to repay SS benefits collected when husband and father faked death and ran away

Germ-killing robots deployed to the Republic of Liberia to aid in battle against Ebola

Ebola outbreak: the doctor who came back from the dead

Ebola virus: For want of gloves, doctors die

Autism helped me become an author

Why People With Autism Are At Higher Risk For Sexual Abuse 

Tornado busts neighborly thief

Is Ugly the new beautiful

Seventy years ago, EWTN's Mother Angelica experienced a miraculous healing and made a promise


Cross over Medjugorje in 2013

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Slowest Atlantic Hurricane Season Since 2000 May Come Alive

'You'll be dead within months, possibly weeks.' But God had other plans ...

What did the saints think about Islam?  thx DR

Strong case made that devil had a contract with Robin Williams and it came due
"Most people are blind to this diabolical pattern of celebrities giving themselves over to satanic power for fame and fortune,
only to be exploited, used and abused, and then spit out after Satan is done with them".

I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Genesis 12:3)

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Three relatives of pope killed in Argentina accident

Pope Francis visits Benedict XVI before trips, archbishop reveals

Watch out, cyber-bullies- Kids have new tools to fight back New apps offer some high-tech solutions to the problem of bullying on social media

Filth and perversion of Michael Jackson to come to light in new lawsuit

Japan volcanic isle may collapse, create tsunami

Dying of cancer, woman received a gift from God that most of us never get in our lifetime. Mary, cloaked with a lavender colored (purple) mantle, appeared to Claudia during the night

How powerful is Satan? Very. A Bible study

Two  California teens plans to shoot up school foiled

Two skeptical journalists were just minutes into an interview with a Pennsylvania homeowner who claims her house is infested with ghostly and demonic forces when they found themselves so scared they almost abandoned the investigative report altogether

Ghostly Grim Reaper floating over cemeteries thought to be satanic by local priest

Gary Sinise- "My Life is Better Because I Became Catholic."

Six Fateful Photos That Foretold Future True Love

Something was telling her to call her younger sister at 3 a.m., but she had no idea why