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Mother Mary confirms she was exempted from the pains of childbirth

Despite mountain of damning evidence, FDA pushes annual COVID boosters!

Cdl McElroy to "America" magazine "Catholic community contains structures and cultures of exclusion that alienate all too many from the church or make their journey in the Catholic faith tremendously burdensome.  The call to synodality is a call to continuing conversion, reforming our own structures of exclusion will require a long pilgrimage of sustained prayer, reflection, dialogue and action—all of which should begin now....by the invitation of the Holy Spirit".

Translation: "Synodality is now requisite in the Church.  Once the pilgrimage is completed, Holy Spirit will have descended on all pilgrims and "synodality"  will be reached uniting us.

Yet, this same week, the pope declared homosexuality as sin. This is the same twisted, diabolical argument LGBTQ promoters and enablers use, including the pope:  'Who are you to judge', always omitting, "go and sin no more".  In the Garden it was, "you will be like God! You won't die! What's wrong with improving yourselves!?"

Confusion abounds in Pope’s AP interview

Demonic activity is linked to the LGBT agenda, abortion, and other culture war battles

7 Ways to Create the Habit of Family Prayer Arm yourself with these short verses for repeating daily events.

Machete-wielding attacker kills sacristan, severely injures priest and other faithful in southern Spain

Spanish police says the suspect in a machete attack on two churches in southern Spain in which one clergyman was killed is a 25-year-old Moroccan man who was due to be deported from Spain.

A Catastrophic Cyber Event Will Strike the World in 2 Years, Report Says

Dangerous ever-growing  magma chamber detected under the Aegean Sea, part of the Santorini complex One has to wonder if this is what St. John Zebedee saw in his vision while writing of  the Apocalypse on Patmos.

An asteroid the size of a delivery truck will whip past Earth on tonight, one of the closest such encounters ever recorded, 2,200 files from us. "No chance of hitting us". Link

Research continues to show that marrying  without living together first results in the most durable marriages

Armed parolee picks wrong man to rob on Chicago train — a concealed carrier who pulls out his own gun and shoots suspect in Leg.  Robber to passenger, "I have a 9mm. Whatcha goin to do about it?"

Kevin McCarthy boots Democrats Schiff and Swalwell from House Intelligence Committee, and they are outraged: 'Integrity matters more'

Earth’s inner core seems to be slowing its spin. The provocative findings come after years of research and deep scientific disagreements about the core.

Earth's Inner Core May Right Now Be in The Process of Changing Direction

Lenticular cloud over Bursa, Turkey. How it formed

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Many view this life choice as restrictive, like an ankle monitor with a flashing red light. But it’s quite the opposite. God’s commandments are not like the bars of a cage to keep you in; they are barriers of protection to keep evil out. God gives us parameters and guidelines and absolutes for our own good to keep us out of trouble and the devastating unhappiness that follows
Yet God’s Word reveals the way to genuine happiness. The psalmist writes: “How joyful are those who fear the Lord, and delight in obeying his commands” (Psalm 112:1). Another translation says that “all who fear God and trust in him are blessed beyond expression”. 

Pope Benedict in scathing new book (published posthumously) attacks seminary gay ‘clubs’ under his liberal successor

Prayer shawl delivers Christmas miracle
Just as evil and demons can attach to objects, so can graces such as in the case of scapulars and this story

Danced with the Devil': Ex-Abortion Worker Shares How God Saved Her Out of Deep 'Darkness'

Refugees and the Right to Immigrate

German bishop announces new guidelines forcing priests, faithful to accept homosexuality, transgenderism The head of the German bishops’ Conference (DBK) introduced binding guidelines on sexual education for all parishes in his diocese that force them to accept and promote homosexuality and transgenderism.

Jesus References Mark On His Shroud Proving His Miraculous Birth.
Could The Lord Be Referring To The Fact That There Is No Mark of a Navel On Holy The Relic?
He came into the world in a burst of light and then returned in a burst of light (Resurrection)

Tracey's Long-Distance Medjugorje Conversion  From Perfunctory Catholicism

 The Cure of Ars said, “All the good works in the world are not equal to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass because they are the works of men; but the Mass is the work of God.
Martyrdom is nothing in comparison for it is but the sacrifice of man to God; but the Mass is the sacrifice of God for man.”

Eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG 


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Why Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay were — and weren’t — typical mass shootings

Spanish Priest Calls Out Father James Martin for His ‘Poisoned Doctrine’ on Homosexuality

Pope Francis: ‘I had nothing to do’ with Father Marko Rupnik case

Jesuits ask Father Marko Rupnik to stay close to Rome during ‘ongoing preliminary inquiries’

Exorcist's diary: The Heart of a Spiritual Warrior

4-year-old N.C. child finally killed after 2 years of ongoing exorcisms

A priest claims to have visited hell where he saw demons singing Rihanna Published last week. More details given 

First ‘gender-queer’ priest in apostate Church of England expresses desire for ‘normalizing’ this identity among children

Off The Coast Of Florida, A Diver Comes Face To Face With A Massive FemaleShark And Clicks Stunning Pics  This shark dwarfs Jaws, a 34 footer.

Priest found guilty of blocking entrance to abortion clinic, faces prison time

Why is there so much Christian persecution in Nigeria?Longstanding problem of attacks on churches and priests tied to Islamic fundamentalism, culture of impunity, and simple criminality in the midst of dire poverty.

'Heinous crimes': Youth pastor, firefighter, and high school teacher among nearly 50 arrested in Texas prostitution sting

Man killed after dog steps on gun

A recently released AI with the uncanny ability to mimic human writing – has passed some of America’s most challenging professional exams, studies have shown, raising concerns it could soon put many white collar workers out of a job  It passed medical licensure to be a physician and the bar

“The Roman Catholic Church is in the midst of the greatest church crisis since the Reformation, which is not triggered by the worldwide abuse scandals, but finds a focal point in them.” 

Pope Benedict and his recently revealed Antichrist letter And he reminded that the Antichrist does not have to look hideous, that he does not have to be recognized as evil, but he can appear acceptable, benevolent, as a humanist.” 

On anniversary of NASA's Webb telescope reaching destination, here are the most striking images so far