Murderous fanatic rescued from suicide attempt, his son healed of cancer, and all meet Jesus

Norma McCorvey obituary She will be remembered for her pro-life activism, not the crowning lawsuit that forever bears her name.

Amazing lost at sea survivors

Obama-linked activists have a ‘training manual’ for protesting Trump

Pentagon deploys carrier to contentious South China Sea…

China piles pressure on North Korea by banning coal imports

N.Korea responds: Iran, North Korea want to strengthen relationship

Cd. Burke on Maltese Condom Knights smear: "To be frank, I am stunned by what Hoffmann von Rumerstein states in the article. I consider it a calumny.”

'This is something different. When was the last time a president began a rally with a prayer-'

President Trump's motorcade hit by wood; 5 students face charges

Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally

Woolly mammoth will be back from extinction within two years, say Harvard scientists

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storm on the Sea of Galilee
Storm on the Sea of Galilee

Hope and Faith at Sea Only months at sea, many trials, sufferings, and amazing “coincidences” convinced this experienced seafarer atheist, whose life had been imperiled before at sea, that there was a God of mercy and love. (Immediate rescue would not have done it).

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Atheist contracted Cholera, died of dehydration, and left his body for 4 hours. First to stand in front of Jesus, and then to a place specific individual torments,  despair, unending horrors and indescribably ugly, evil, creatures  Link

Nobel Prize-winning agnostic scientist says “The miracles at Lourdes are inexplicable”

Our Lady of Fatima versus the Freemasons

How Is Jesus Different From Confucius, Buddha and Mohammed?

Divine Mercy Miracle of Faustina's  Diary

Devotion to St. Joseph: A Lifeline in Troubled Times

PewSitter sends U.S. Bishops Five Dubia on Open Borders

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Cardinal Nichols consecrates England and Wales to the Immaculate Heart of Mary


More on the graces issuing from the young girl convert who was genitally mutilated: Tormenters see visions of blood everywhere

Little boy born without a brain can now speak, count, and attend school. Refusing abortion, parents took him home and the brain began to grow...and grow..

After 953 Days in Prayer, and failed fertility treatments his couple receives a miracle

This couple had to sell their wedding rings to pay for food - so a priest had new ones made

Priest's anger as burglars target home during Mass

Priest believed it was God's will he move in with woman sacked by church in France

Irish priest complains when broadcaster calls the Eucharist, "haunted bread". Broadcaster repeats claim

Man recovering from face transplant surgery pleased with result

Women with diabetes are especially prone to developing heart disease

News clips on immigration issues ignored by major U. S.  media

'Gruesome': Illegal Immigrants Kill Mother of 4, Leave Note in Spanish Behind for Police Too Sick to Be Repeated

ISIS vows more attacks on Egypt’s Christians