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The Two Most Powerful Medjugorje Messages took place in August

United Arab Emirates announced that they will normalize diplomatic relations and establish new broad-based ties. In exchange Israel has nominally agreed to stop its plans to annex the areas of the occupied West Bank. This agreement also solidifies opposition to Iran.  Trump admin. brokered the deal The agreement is known as the Abraham Accords. It provides Trump a foreign policy accomplishment as he pursues re-election in November. 

Is this the prophesized peace deal covenant that will be broken by one party (the Anti-Christ) in three and a half years? 

Israeli hospital trials super-quick saliva test for Covid-19

This nurse was knocked unconscious, but still managed to rescue 3 newborn babies from the rubble, assist other wounded hospital staff and patients, and take calls..

US and Taiwan Sign Landmark Agreement on Health Cooperation

Top Bomb Expert on Beirut Blast: It was Explosives Storage Facility, not Nitrate

USCCB official 'elated' over Harris, Biden's pro-choice VP pick because it  will offer policies favorable to marginalized people. What a joke: Not if you are unborn.

A bigger joke: Biden says nuns inspire him to run, still plans to sue Little Sisters of the Poor

St. Joseph: A Reflection of the Fatherhood of God

American Airlines is preparing to cut service to 30 small and mid-sized cities when federal aid package expires in October

Astronomers discover most-distant Milky Way-like galaxy ever observed

A nursing home in Pennsylvania rapidly contained a COVID-19 outbreak by implementing a universal testing strategy for all residents and staff, according to study findings published in Clinical Infectious Diseases

People May Have a Pre-Existing Immune Response to COVID-19 Thanks to Common Colds

COVID-19 vaccine may be less effective in obese people, experts warn

Cervantes: 'Heaven awaits you', so persevere

These are grave sins: Details emerge of charges against excommunicated priest including sex crimes

Excommunication of renegade Sacramento priest roils Catholic diocese. Here’s why it happened Admitted ministerial boundary violations with a disturbed woman years ago but said it should have been resolved then. Bishop decided to take action now which has turned into persecution.

Expert claims new evidence of Jonah and the whale found in Jerusalem

Israel may be the most studied archeological site in the world, but discoveries keep coming

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No, Kamala Harris Isn’t A ‘Moderate’ — She’s A Radical Threat To America Most pro-abortion ticket in U.S. history

Ap. Viganò: Christ the King has been ‘dethroned’ not only ‘from society but also from the Church’

The world's tribulations and the Pachamama enthronement
“In the wake of the Synod, all hell has broken loose. Tribulation and unrest of biblical magnitude have been unleashed on the earth. The timing is uncanny”

Healed Of A Brain Aneurysm: One Woman’s Miraculous Story

St. Thérèse de Lisieux: The Paradox of Greatness-Part 1

He was bleeding badly trapped under his tractor. He fingered his rosary and asked for help. Only God and Shannon knew where to find him.

China, Vatican to Extend Secret, Controversial Deal

Man Drowns Off the Coast of Mexico, God Raises Him Back to Life: the Amazing Miracle of Mike's Restoration "Mike is in Heaven with Me. He doesn't want to come back, but I am sending him back to you."

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Pope Francis continued cleaning house in Poland on Thursday following revelations of clergy sexual abuse and cover-up, replacing the powerful archbishop of Gdansk on his 75th birthday.

'Substantial' reward and song from singing priest offered as reward for return of 'priceless' historic gem (water pump?)

What the Freemasons Taught the World About the Power of Secrecy

LGBTQ Support Group Expelled From Archdiocese Of Detroit, Church Responds

Swedish Migrant Who Raped Child 0ver 100 Times Avoids Deportation

Millions Of Acres Of Crops In The Central U.S. Have Been Destroyed By A Series Of Historic Natural Disasters

Beijing Cracks Down on Extreme-Eating Videos as Country Faces Food Shortage Most humanitarian act ever seen in China.

Longest monsoon in 33 years batters Korean Peninsula, leaving scores dead and 7 000 homeless

Eagle sends drone mapping the shoreline  to 'watery grave' over Lake Michigan

Emmanuel Macron Cannot Seem To Get Away From The Number 666 Following Him Around

Could you answer this, 'The pandemic disproves God'? Many will take this one step further and start cursing God, as prophesized.

Christian worshippers in Seattle CHOP-zone attacked by Satanists

Tiny New York community going over Cdl Dolan's head wins holy war to safeguard historic Catholic church

Former St. Mary's church complex in Penn. sold to Catholic order.

Exorcist Unveils Catholic Exorcism App With Powerful Deliverance Prayers for Laity & Priests 

Catholic Church Was Warned About McCarrick Decades Ago, Yet Promotions and Honors Kept Coming

Fifth child sex abuse claim filed against former Bishop Howard Hubbard

DA declares California county, (San Luis Obispo), a 'sanctuary county' for church worship gatherings