BVM and child crowned and standing on world

St. Catherine's Advice to Cdl. Burke: Do Correction even if it brings Schism
The schism will happen. It is in the final redemption plan and brings us much closer to Christ's return


Tears of Joy in Cincinnati headline link from 01/23: Reader John sends a link explaining that these apparitions have not received approval of the local bishop..The local bishop has said, "This is an alleged apparition of our Lady that has not been examined or judged under the Norms Regarding the Manner of Proceeding in the Discernment of Presumed Apparitions and Revelations by the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.  Therefore, “it is not permitted to have any public or private manifestation of cult or of devotion to “Our Lady” unless or until an examination takes place and the results are favorable".  More info at this link. With this information I have removed the headline from Spirit-Digest.

Pro-abortion ‘Catholics’ who sacrilegiously vandalized Our Lady’s Shrine in DC have attacked Almighty God

Irish Priest who dressed in drag receives laicization order from Rome

Over 120 rebellious priests and employees with the Catholic church community in Germany came out as queer and launched a campaign demanding an end to institutional discrimination against LGBTQ people.

U.S Aircraft Carrier Strike Group Heads for Mediterranean amid Russia Threats

Families of US Embassy personnel in Ukraine ordered to begin evacuating, Told to be out by Monday

Union Pacific Bashes LA’s Social Justice Reform, Threatens To Leave City Amid Soaring Train Thefts A top Union Pacific Railroad official threatened to leave Los Angeles over the District Attorney’s progressive measures to lower criminal theft offenses amid a wave of criminal gangs looting rail cars.

Detroit man is granted $5k bail days after 'setting his pregnant-with-twins girlfriend on fire and burning 60% of her body': Democrat DA who supports bail reform admits bond was 'woefully inadequate' 

America Next? Finnish politician and Finnish bishop will go on criminal trial next week for merely upholding historic Christian teaching on sexual morality. The trial is a telling measure of the erosion of Christianity in Europe. .

Attempted Reagan Assassin John Hinckley Jr. Is Starting a Band   and Looking for Musicians

Federal Appeals Court rebukes California counties for shutting down gun stores during COVID

MIT scientist warns of major brain damage to kids from COVID shots ‘It's outrageous to be giving vaccines to young people’

Quadruple-Vaxed Israel Breaks World Record in Coronavirus Cases

Brazil: Child Vaccination Suspended After 10-Year-Old Girl Suffers Cardiac Arrest Hours After Receiving Pfizer Vaccine


Fauci hopes FDA will approve COVID shots for kids under 5

Afghanistan has replaced North Korea as “the most dangerous place on the planet to be a Christian” on 2022 World Watch List Yes, Biden has committed millions in foreign aid after the disastrous pullout without a single concession to a serious U.S. enemy.

Past Headlines

New Data From Life Insurance Companies Confirm That Americans Are Dying In Unusually Large Numbers

No Mr. Donohue, The abuse crisis (part of a much larger sex crisis) is NOT over

Cervantes: In little known approved apparition, the Blessed Mother warned of war

Instigating The Coming Global Famine: One Scenario Now Rising

Cervantes: Blessed Mother laments those who refuse to see signs of the times

The eternal lust for power.
5 factors that enable politicians to wield control over others. Pope are not exempt

Cardinal Joseph Zen at 90: ‘A Great Gift of God to Hong Kong’
A holy life well-lived

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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Retired Pope Benedict XVI has acknowledged that he did attend a 1980 meeting at which the transfer of a pedophile priest to his then-diocese was discussed, saying an editorial error was responsible for his previous assertion that he wasn’t there. No decision was made about the priest, only that he would received therapy in Munich Link

Cruise ship changes course and docks in the Bahamas after US judge orders seizure for $4.6 owed for fuel

Pope confers lay ministries on women (lector and catechist), formalizing recognition of roles

US To Close Borders To Unvaccinated Canadian, Mexican Truckers On Saturday The U.S. will close its borders to unvaccinated and partially vaccinated Canadian and Mexican truck drivers on Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security said on Thursday. Senseless act will hurt Americans the most, drive prices sky high. Covid is not borne on consumer goods of any type. Truck drivers have contributed nothing to the epidemic and could contribute nothing even if they were driving around with Covid pneumonia.

Hospital financial incentives to have someone die in house with Covid   “There’s something like a $3,000 basically death benefit to a hospital if it can be claimed to be COVID. There’s a financial incentive to call somebody COVID positive.” “They also receive a bonus  $30,000 in incentive—if somebody gets put on the vent,”  “Then they get a bonus, if somebody is declared dead with COVID.” “It’s a bounty on people’s lives,

VA State Democrats block Ivermectin treatments, kill public comment. Lawmakers order police to remove proponents of suppressed COVID drugs

California Bill Would Let Children Get COVID-19 Jab Without Parental Approval California Democrat lawmakers introduced a bill that would allow children to be administered with COVID-19 vaccines without parental consent.

COVID Vaccines Are Growing New Variants Inside Vaxxed Bodies, Claims Gates-Backed Doctor Makes perfect sense because it explains how the variants can transverse the world faster than jet speed and simultaneously emerge everywhere in hours.

The Gospel Turned Upside Down: Female Protestant Minister Says God Led Her to Abort

Nation’s largest abortion protest could be last under Roe Here's to hoping...

In the Wake of the Texas Heartbeat Bill — Fewer Abortions, More Vasectomies

The Bishop of Hawai’i, +Larry Silva, has extended permissions to all existing TLM communities to continue to celebrate the Mass. (No link) 

A woman who was working as a substitute teacher posted a video to social media alleging she was fired by school officials for not “identifying with” a student who “identifies as a cat” after she refused to meow back at the child in class. Link

St. Irenaeus to be named Doctor of the Church