Father Solanus: A Christmas miracle which saved Detroit

Sex with 10 people a day, thanks to dating apps fueling rampant rise in immorality

Hell is Proof That God Loves Us  Great editorial summarizes our purpose

Over 900,000 Christians Martyred for Their Faith in Last 10 Years

Chinese Christian lawyer thought to be driven insane by 18 months imprisonment

The Torment of St. Anthony

What exactly is “Mystery Babylon?” 'Locus of satanic power' in world today is Mecca in Saudi Arabia' according to this scholar.

Amazing: Houses made from garbage and light from plastic bottles

Chili peppers could help you live longer

Clinton empire begins to crumble in wake of news probes "Running scared?"

No Air Force One: Obama and family will take a gov't jet to Palm Springs right after the inauguration and stay at the home of married homosexual friends (No link)

Israeli officials cheer 'weakened' Paris peace-summit declaration

No Peace in Paris. It is not a land division the Arabs  seek but a platform in Israel to drive her into the sea. It is a supernatural hatred stretching back millennia. The violence will not quit if Israel caves. Short article catches you up on this critical issue.

Our Lady of LaSalette 5% attend Mass in France, but 40% attend in Poland.

Reminder: Fatima visionary to Cardinal: “Final battle between God and Satan will be over marriage and family” The battle lines are  drawn. Trump has invented the Office of the First Family. Will return to family values be an aspect of his presidency  be a God sent gift to the nation?

Whatever Happened to Family-Friendly News?  Started going south during the Monica Lewinski scandal

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Fireworks nebula --Area of intense star formation

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2022 Collision of Binary Stars Is Balaam’s Prophecy of A Coming Messiah
The collision will cause a nova (not a supernova) and will be in Cygnus (Swan) whose stars form a cross in the sky..And this new star will be added to it. The star (not the cross) will be clearly visible during the day in the Northern Hemisphere only

The last bag of rice

Malta’s bishops tell the remarried: take Communion if you feel at peace with God
The bishops say that avoiding sex may be a ‘humanly impossible’
New development shows spiritual war surrounding Cardinal Burke as maelstrom sucks in more evil

Some  recent comments of a respected mystical rabbi

  •  For betraying Israel continuously, Obama will be revealed as a traitor.
  •  To overcome snares set by Obama in his final days, Trump will receive help directly from Heaven, one being negating the 14 tons of enriched uranium sold to Iran last week. 
  •  The recent UN resolution to divide Israel fell on the 1st day of Hanukkah, revisiting the miraculous rescue of the Maccabees from Greek oppression and leading to the miracle of light. So, to, Israel will be rescued from foreigners.
  • UN  to be punished for its 70 years of persecuting Israel. Because of Trump, US. will be spared.
    You are not exempted from holy oaths sworn to Abraham, Vatican. Neither are you  qualified or worthy to undo these oaths that have unified the Jewish people for centuries, and supernaturally protected them from ancient enemies. So render pastoral services to the world, not politics! Resist Abbas' whining over a lost cause.

The Light Shineth in the Darkness The kind of extraordinary faith that moves mountains

"Prophecy of Armageddon"  by obscure 'Italian Nostradamus' made 500 years ago

There are at least 5,000+ galaxies in Virgo Local Group of galaxies, one of which is the  Milky Way galaxy. This represents 1% of the visible universe and,  may have of minimum of a trillion  habitable planets.   And of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us.

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How To Detect When People Are Lying
Yes, research shows you can tell how smart your child is by how early they start lying

Vatican rejects Order of Malta’s criticism of investigation

From addiction to ordination: a homeless man's journey to priesthood

The Maltese bishops’ document will hurt Catholics – especially women

Maltese Bishops compare  couples who want sacrilegious Communion to the Magi seeking Jesus (No link)

Fr. Longenecker- What troubles me in the Maltese bishops’ document is that it opens the door to complete subjectivity

Zimbabwe pastor held over Mugabe death prophecy

Your Nice Parish Priest is a Soldier in the War Against Sin and Evil

Hundreds of U.S. Marines land in Norway, irking Russia

No antibiotic in the U.S. could save this woman  

Wife of Orlando Terrorist Shooter now under arrest for aiding and abetting (no link)

3 dead, 2 injured  after collapsing underground at Florida Keys road project--Deadly underground gases killed all three.

60-year-old woman, daughters go to prison after $722K in food stamps fraud

For $8,000 this startup will fill your veins with the blood of young people  Very dangerous...Your body will make antibodies to those donor tissues...It may come back to do you in. Predicition: this practice will be outlawed soon.

University Settles with Christian Counseling Student Objected to counseling same sex couples

Oman Says It Accepts 10 Guantanamo Inmates (Those still in Gitmo are the worst of the worst terrorists. Muslim president socks it to Christianity...and civilization one more time before he leaves office)

How I pray the Rosary with my friends (the saints)

Protecting people from viruses by adding salt to facemasks

Giant Earth crack opens up in Northern Cape, South Africa Look at pics at the link