After laying of hand in a blessing an extraordinary pastor, he went to heaven.
Afterward he was struck by the similarities in the book of Revelation 

Young man healed by Padre Pio recounts story of miraculous cure

Abp. Cordileone says, “We have to trust the wisdom of our Holy Father”

Jury selection begins in trial of prolific former Maine priest sexual abuser

Legatus will not collect 2019 tithe to Holy See

Winona-Rochester diocese to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy over sex abuse claims

Massive increase in sex crimes in Sweden, number of female victims almost doubles

Alex Smith, Redskin QB, Out for the Season After Breaking His Leg in Two Places  Injury exactly 33 years after the SAME INJURY to Joe Theismann, Redkins QB. Theismann was at the game yesterday.

Update: Severe compound spiral bone fracture which will require intense rehab. Alex is 35. If no complications he could be in training camp in 2019

Bishop plans a personal visit to parish were the priest collected money with fake cancer claim  Feds claim diocese covered crime up.

Mississippi priest says he informed Feds about priest with HIV claiming cancer diagnosis

Five Ways Pornography Ruins Relationships

12 quotes against sodomy to read and keep handy

Meet the 5 Best 9mm Handguns on the Planet

Wireless targeting to shoot around corners, hit enemies instantly

Rebuilding my life after surviving the Jonestown massacret

Chickenpox outbreak hits N.C. school which does not mandate vaccination for religious reasons

Rat lungworm is “widespread” among rodents in New Orleans, with an overall prevalence comparable to areas where the parasite is considered endemic  This is a devastating parasite in humans where it heads to the brain not the lungs. It is incurable. In NOLA don't eat packaged salad greens or salads, (in restaurants), that you have not prepared yourself.

Stop giving babies honey pacifiers, FDA warns- 4 Texas infants sickened with botulism from the products bought in Mexico

There are giant viruses lurking in the forest soils

Actress Prayed Over Home, and Property and Animals Were Untouched by California Wildfire

The survival story of a man who escaped fiery death thanks to a surprise gift from his guardian angel

10 Unusual Statues Of Jesus Christ

The Pope Owns This  Thx TO


Past Headlines

A Message Delivered by Fire

Legatus will not collect 2019 tithe to Holy See

That Time a Demon Invaded the Confessional, and a Porn Addict was Released

In 1676 A Possessed Nun Wrote A Hieroglyphic Message From The Devil. Now the Letter, Denying God, Has Been Translated

The Rose

Rose Petals from the Little Flower Arrive Faster Than Humanly Possible

Beautiful Story of a Saintly Priest One Week Ago 

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Judge bars US from enforcing Trump asylum ban

Cop, doctor among 4 dead in Chicago hospital shooting

Amaz-in! Forklift driver causes an entire warehouse to fall like dominoes when he nudges a shelving unit  Amazing

‘Dictator Pope’ author expelled from Order of Malta

San Diego Bishop McElroy on priestly gay sex: “I am not prepared to say that any single action between consenting adults would mean automatic dismissal"

Confirmed: Male Actor and Model Lived in Pro Gay Cardinal's Apartment

‘Ripe for abuse’: How Catholic sex scandal convinced one seminarian to go public (Either/ or statement to Archbishop Chaput)

5 most famous and miraculous icons that Russians venerate

Tampa Gay Therapy Ban Under Legal Fire for Blocking Minors from ‘Getting the Help They Seek’

Globalist  concoct incredulous plan to exterminate humanity : “Useless eaters” must be eliminated

‘God is Still There’- Woman Who Loses All Four Limbs Chooses to Live Joyfully

At Least 42 Dead in Cathedral Attack in Central African Republic

Abp. Vigano’s other four siblings support him against his brother’s inheritance lawsuit

Two stars in the Milky Way shrouded in galactic space dust are spinning so quickly it has created a 'cosmic serpent' that could explode in a spectacular celestial firework display

Tennessee man, 33, who was put on the state's Top 10 Most Wanted list for 'raping a 16-month-old boy' is arrested while on the run in Alabama

Ebola death toll rises to 214 in Democratic Republic of the Congo as health workers are forced to stop fighting the deadly virus when their hotel is hit by a shell in armed rebel attack 

6 rescued after elevator plunge in Chicago skyscraper gripped by 'panic'

People with peanut allergy can protect themselves from an allergic reaction by consuming a small amount of peanut powder every day

Tiny ladder used to rescue hamster trapped inside pipe

The huge hand behind the teen rescued on a house raft at sea