N.Y. Post answers critics of 'unverified' Hunter Biden story with facts

Tropical Storm Epsilon strengthening. Expected to become a Cat 1 today and pass near Bermuda. It is slow moving @ 3 mph.  Another tropical depression forming Southwest Caribbean Sea

Our fallen Church
One N.J. Catholic diocese has filed for bankruptcy. Will the other 4 follow?

Ousted Virginia priest writes new book: 'Ordained by a Predator'

A church investigation conducted last year — which has yet to be made public by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York — revealed that a priest who allegedly stole $1 million from two parishes to pay for sex, lavish vacations and a New Jersey shore home was protected for years by clergy at the archdiocese headquarters.  Link 

Cervantes: 'Church living her passion'

US national security adviser warns Taiwan of Chinese invasion

China is practicing unleashing swarms of suicide drones packed with explosives from the backs of trucks

The U.S. must beat China 1, if by land, and 2, if by space

The Divine Light That Saved Her Family 

According to the CDC the U.S. is having a Perfectly Average Number of Total Deaths this year

A coronavirus outbreak has killed 10 residents in a nursing home in a northwestern Kansas county that already had proportionally the nation’s largest increase in cases over two weeks  In a normal year, a state or CDC epidemiologist would be on site and shut the place down immediately.

Extreme containment: The Flaming Lips (rock band) perform to entire crowd encased in plastic social distancing bubbles

On 9/11 She Saw an Angel Escort a Young Fireman to Heaven. The divine vision comforted her during and after the terrorist attacks

Pope Francis calls for a global education, (indoctrination?) pact with humanity at its center, not Jesus That Jesus is God is being downplayed by the Pope… but it fits in with his plans for the one world gov’t/religion. Muslim and Jews could  be more easily integrated if this were not a barrier. It came to my attention when 6  years ago, the pope called Shimone Perez, and Abbas to Rome to pray to their God for peace on Pentecost. The Prince of Peace was never mentioned.

Dutch man unable to walk, talk or eat for eight years regains abilities in  after taking Ambien sleeping pill

Catholic exorcism: Lucifer was brilliant, cunning, measured and deadly. Lower demons cower in the presence of a priest, but Lucifer did not.

Mom missing for 12 days in national park was 'disoriented' after injuring head

Man miraculously survives after being trapped under tree log for 4 days

Egypt says another trove of ancient coffins found

Court rules Muslim doctor who refused to shake woman's hand as she presented him with  his citizenship certificate has lost the right to become a German

St. Gerard Majella Rescues Another Mother and Child. A family relates tale of a child’s healing for the feast day of the ‘mother’s saint.’

Past Headlines

New Michael Brown online retreat, Spiritual Warfare on Halloween (10/31)

No suffering is ever in vain, God explained. All pain has its purpose and is part of the plan

Jesus Just Makes Sense All the theology you ever need to know beautifully crafted. Bookmark it.

Vigaṇ issues grave warning to bishops who are silent on abortion during 2020 US election

‘Today the Church of Rome finds herself in…spiritual collapse’
Bishop Athanasius Schneider has expressed grief over Pope Francis’ latest encyclical Fratelli Tutti, noting that it “lacks a clearly supernatural horizon,” misrepresents St. Francis, and furthers the theological confusion Pope Francis created with his Abu Dhabi statement

On 9/11, 2001, President Bush was supposed to recognize ‘Palestine’ with a signed document, Saudi official reveals

How the existence of Hell is really a part of God's Mercy

Demons hate hell and mightily resist going back. They are anxious to stay earthbound and readily grab any opportunity (attachment) to do so such as Ouija boards, tarot cards, necromancy, reiki, etc) to stay earthbound

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


Atlantic 5-Day Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook

Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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Readers, this is the "LAST TRUMP".  It is remarkable that in our national discourse God had arranged a single pre-eminent issue that determines our path. This is the murder of innocent life which we, as a free people, can choose for ourselves. 

7.8 Magnitude Quake. 8 miles deep, off of Alaska Prompts Tsunami Warning Magnitude reduced to 7.4and local tsunami of < 2 feet observed. Warning cancelled. Is this a foreshock for a coming monster?  All of the megaquakes have had huge foreshocks

Catholic Pastor: 'Democratic Party' is the 'Party of Death and Catholic Joe Biden is Their Standard-Bearer'

Judge Barrett Exemplifies Biblical Righteousness

U.S. Postal carrier charged with stealing Miami-Dade mail-in ballot, debit cards

Queen grants rare royal pardon to murderer who fought off a terrorist knife attacker with a 5-foot narwhal tusk on London Bridge

Rush Limbaugh, 69, gives grim update on his lung cancer fight and tells listeners he can no longer deny 'he is under a death sentence' after recent scan showed signs the disease has 'progressed'

Humans reach their 'cognitive peak' where their brain is its most powerful at the age of 35 - but the mind starts declining a decade later

Illinois woman Terrified After Spotting Giant Red-Eyed Creature  Demon?

Woman found alive at funeral home dies at hospital

Pope Francis names Philippine priest 'Chaplain of His Holiness'

13-year-old Georgia boy fatally shot in his own front yard while working on lawnmower

Trump Campaign Adviser Confirms: WH Considering Action Against Twitter for Censoring Biden Laptop Story

“Die In A Fire”: “Professional, Objective” Twitter Employees’ Hatred Of Trump Exposed

Twitter removes top White House coronavirus adviser tweet claiming masks don’t work

Wikipedia bans editors from expressing support for traditional marriage

Gospel sweeping thru Iran with more power than COVID-19

Here’s why Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots aren’t reaching giant amounts anymore

Pink salts may be prettier but a world-first Australian study has found that despite being touted as healthier, they in fact have low levels of essential nutrients as well as a range of harmful heavy metals

Supreme Court to hear case over border wall funds

The Supreme Court  to review a Trump administration policy that makes asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for U.S. court hearings

Rabbis: ‘Blue Moon’ to appear on Halloween signals end of paganism on eve of election Blue moon = 2 FULL moons the same month. Not relevant to Israel whose calendar does not permit 2 moons in a month. But in the U.S. hex placed on Trump last October will expire.