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America's never been more riven. And the future looks frightening

The landmark decision on abortion was reversed on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Birth of St. John the Baptist


Francis sows gender confusion; welcomes transvestites

Vatican to start newspaper by and with the poor

Couple sues famous women's Boston hospital over loss of premature baby's body (Thrown out with the medical waste)

Climber dies scaling active, off-limits volcano

A rare meteotsunami (related to atmospheric pressure) hit the coast of southeast Ireland on June 18, 2022. The phenomenon started during the early morning hours and lasted well into the afternoon. It was reportedly felt as far away as France, England and Wales. While meteotsunamis are known to hit this part of Ireland, they are not as strong as this one and they usually occur in winter. Link

U.S. Life Insurance Company suffers 176% increase in payouts for Deaths among Young Adults in 2021 compared to 2019/2020 Average

World Health Organization Study concludes risk of suffering Serious Injury due to COVID Vaccination is 339% higher than risk of being hospitalized with COVID-19  Yet Biden's FDA approved it for use on young children

Hepatitis C Virus Reactivation Following COVID-19 Vaccination – A Case Report  One case does not a medical standard make..But if you have had HCV should should avoid vaccination. Under Biden you would still be forced.

Buy your flour now while you can! Western Kansas wheat crops are failing just when the world needs them most  This time of year, the wheat growing in this part of western Kansas should be thigh-high and lush green. But as a months-long drought continues to parch the region, many fields tell a different story.

Hundreds of U.S.  homeless die in extreme heat  Yet illegals get food, shelter, medicine by the millions

Four Bay Area Priests Still on the Job Despite New Sex Abuse Allegations

Diocese clears two priests, including one who died recently, of sex abuse claims

Water levels at Lake Mead dangerously close to hitting 'dead pool' status

Wonderful herpetology website pictures for gopher and king snakes ID (harmless and beneficial).  There are many color morphs

How Having a Gay Father Showed Me the Lies of Progressive Catholicism

Turmeric Extract Strikes To The Root Cause of Cancer Malignancy

Bodies of slain Mexican priests, tour guide finally found; $250,000 reward offered

Mexican president under pressure over priest murders 

Parent of 'de-transitioned' child gives HEARTBREAKING plea to stop trans sanctuary bill  'Don't make California a refuge for what will be seen as the largest medical scandal in history. Educate yourself!'

Georgia Gwinnett College to Pay $800K Settlement to Christian Student It Censored

First married couple to be beatified together featured at World Meeting of Families


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US Supreme Court OVERRULES Roe v. Wade because 'the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion' in decision set to make procedure ILLEGAL in 26 states and spark fierce debate across America

A Triumph of the Sacred Heart. Today is the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart

Planetary Alignment splits the sky not seen since the Civil War split the nation.

The Great Divide (Purification--The 6th Seal) Coming

Will the SCOTUS ruling on abortion split the nation?

Pro-abortion protestors are displaying a variant of Satanim  Father Frank Pavone

Historical Evidence for Jesus' Resurrection

‘I’m Absolutely Convinced I Survived Because of the Real Presence’

Cervantes: St. Michael urges prayers to diminish power of mega earthquake soon to shake earth 'where great tectonic faults converge'. 'Pray the rosary and do adoration so that the intensity would be diminished.'

Tectonic plates are constantly in motion. Oceanic ridges and rises are where plates spread apart, Trenches are where plates slide under each other (subduction). It is never smooth. Finally, when enough friction builds up, an EQ occurs.

The Pacific Tectonic Plate (biggest in the world) converges with multiple other plates showing a lot more trenches than subduction zones

7 Father’s Day Stories to Remember Fathers Lost

'Being Gay Was No Longer Who I Was': This Hollywood Designer Met Jesus Christ in a Supernatural Moment    

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Abortion clinics shutter in pro-life states following Supreme Court decision

Missouri becomes first state to make abortion illegal after SCOTUS ruling

New York Bishops ‘Give Thanks to God’ for Roe v. Wade Reversal

Which Supreme Court justices voted to overturn Roe v. Wade? Here's where all 9 judges stand

House Democrats look for abortion ruling to galvanize support in midterms

10 reactions to overturning Roe v. Wade: Michelle Obama ‘heartbroken’; Rick Warren says ‘thank you’

Satanists claim they're entitled to abortion as a religious rite

Seminarian in Hospital Bed with Terminal Cancer Is Ordained Priest

88 year old Nagasaki Catholic toils 40 years on world's tallest Marian statue

‘This Is Not My Dad’: Hero Mom Outside Florida Church Saves Two Kids From Kidnapping

'Disturbing': Biden accidentally shows note card that instructs the president to do simple tasks such as 'take YOUR seat'

Five Reasons to Impeach Joe Biden

The outbreak is so severe that the federal health agency is calling it "one of worst outbreaks of meningococcal disease among gay and bisexual men in U.S. history."    "No evidence it is transmitted sexually." Not transmitted by traditional sexual methods. However,  meningococcus is related to the sexually transmitted gonococcus. Both can be transmitted by deviant sexual methods, namely oral and anal intercourse.

Schism over homosexuality building
New Phoenix bishop (Dolan) celebrated LGBT Mass featuring homosexual drag queen activist

Cdl. Müller: Father James Martin’s LGBT propaganda is ‘heresy’

Cdl. Müller: ‘Nobody can change’ Catholic doctrine that homosexuality is ‘grave sin’

Cardinal Cupich Approved Same-Sex ‘Couple’ Homily 

US Bishop-Backed Priest Association Honors LGBT Champions

Pope Francis to homosexual activist in a same-sex ‘marriage.’: ‘continue’ work with ‘LGBT Catholics’. ‘We need more people like you.’

Fr. James Martin says homosexuality is ‘the way God created a part of the human race’  Then why were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed?

NY Governor Melts Down After Supreme Court Strikes Down Her State's Unconstitutional Gun Restriction Shows that  Dem leaders are out of touch with fundamental American rights or anything inconsistent with  extremist left views--in the future.

PhilippinesTreehouse of the spirits, home with unseen ‘guests’ (evil spirits).  If a home has evil attachments, the demons will move to a nearby object, such as a tree. Destroying the Ulvade school will not banish marauding demons without a priest

When possession is by a Principal  Prince of Hell and not an ordinary exorcism