Catholic Bishops’ Bulletin Insert- Gay Marriage Ruling Is ‘Threatening Religious Freedom in Numerous Ways’ 

Sign of the coming religious persecution:  judge in Oregon issues order denying two Christian bakery owners from speaking out against same sex marriage

33 Notable Wives of the Bible

Woman hit, killed trying to save suicidal boyfriend 

Man mocks gators, jumps in, dies

Benedict XVI receives honorary doctorate

The Tragic Daughters of Isabella

Men throw acid in girls' faces 

Are Homosexuals Born That Way- People Say Yes, But Science Says No

U.S. policy of spreading same-sex family values to find no global support

23 Reasons Why A Priest Should Wear His Collar

Owner of ferry that capsized in Philippines this week charged with murder

Astronomers Predict Fireworks from Rare Stellar Encounter in 2018

St. Gianna- The Modern Woman's Saint

A fourth Saint for the Little Flower family?

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Are Christians Confusing God's Mercy With His Approval?

Identifying the Antichrist: 8 Myths Not To Fall For

Franklin Graham: ''Rainbows remind all of us of God's judgment to come"
Rabbi Cahn quoting George Washington, "The smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation “that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself hath ordained.”

The Great Storm That Is Coming Upon Us
The gale force winds have started

Opposing Gay Marriage: 5 Reasons Why It's Not Hate Speech

 Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Leading Israeli rabbi says arrival of the Messiah imminent and then gives a date In the news for 2 years now (Note: The, next day, Tishri 1, is the day Rabbis say no one 'knows the day or hour' because it is not born until the new moon is sighted

What is the Prophetic Meaning of the Bethlehem Star?  The imminent return of Christ?

How the Cross Led a Starving North Korean to America

The night I helped my mother escape North Korea

North Korean scientist defects to Finland with evidence of 'chemical warfare tests carried out on humans' 

Smell test may indicate if children have autism

Behind the shocking exorcism over the entire nation of Mexico to cast out demon of abortion.  Fr. Amorth confirmed the presence of demons and a man who could not be exorcised until nation was

 UN To Cut Aid For Syrian Refugees to zero

Kidneys For Sale in Kurdish Camps- Iraq’s Displaced Selling Body Parts For Food

Norway bill would let kids change their sex at age 7

Drug to cure achrondroplasia (dwarfism) in the womb promising