Saintly Insights Into Healing Broken Friendships

Over 50 beheaded by ISIS-aligned extremists in Mozambique raid

60% rise in Christians killed worldwide in 2020

Burkina Faso: Missing priest found dead in jihadist hotspot

Pelosi laptop not recovered from suspect: Lawyer

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt: 'The Lord has blessed our family in so many ways

Wife of pastor who died by suicide shares journey of grief, hope: 'God doesn't waste pain'

Any bishop, cardinal who praises Biden as Catholic is ‘wolf in shepherd’s clothing’: priest

Priest at Joe Biden’s First Mass Slammed Trump as Not Pro-Life Because He Enforced Death Penalty  There is a huge difference in ratiocinating  justice between executing persons committing serious crimes and  receiving a fair trial with a jury of peers v. spilling the blood of defenseless innocents who  have NO voice. Priest should re-read the catechism for not knowing this difference and teaching it.

Kohl’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond will Stop Selling ‘My Pillow’ Products After CEO Mike Lindell Challenged Election Results  Fascim?

Democrats Have Released A Roadmap To One-Party Rule
The Democrats trying to use the U.S. Capitol riots as an excuse to criminalize dissent and banish conservative voices from the public sphere, and at the same time they’re hoping to use their temporary, razor-thin majority in Congress to rewrite the rules governing our elections in a way designed to keep the Democratic Party entrenched in power for decades to come.

Holder Urges Democrats to Pack Court

Joe  Record Set For Executive Orders in First Week

Food Network Scrubs ‘Worst Cooks in America’ S20 After Champ Charged with Murdering Adopted Daughter

Disgrace: Over 10% of evil Congress is 'Jesuit-educated'

Katechon. (theology) Someone or something (of disputed identity) whose removal is necessary before the Antichrist rises... Donald Trump is likely this type of figure in Christian. "Now, with Trump gone, the New World Order folks will find fewer obstacles in the way of their dark agenda"  Mark Mallett

“People of God, pray: the events will not delay, the mystery of iniquity [Antichrist] will appear in the absence of the Katechon.” — St. Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria.

No authentic Catholic seer prophesized a Trump second term.  Several protestant pastors and laymen prophesized a Trump win which likely occurred but the second term was blocked by evil forces of fraud and deceit.  Please read Prophecy, the Presidential Inauguration, and What Lies Ahead 

Very strong prayer to God the Father. It's a very strong prayer I composed when author  was in deep misery on the feast day of Saint Thomas More long ago

Direct quotes from Our Lady of LaSalette about these times

SCOTUS rules favorably toward a Catholic death row inmate requesting the presence of a priest at his execution

SCOTUS also throws out of court law suit against Trump for having a hotel business operating which housed official visitors while he was president.

Cuban Priests Urge Rise Against Communism Shocked about this insurrection, Pope Francis?

Wisconsin priest (John Zuhlsdorf) conducted live-stream election-related exorcisms; now leaving post  Bishop denies giving him permission for the exorcisms

Against all odds Sunday miracles and salvations in Bangladesh!.

Weight linked headaches rising around the world

Jonathan Cahn Delivers Solemn, Sobering Prophetic Message to Biden! (Video)


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God, thank you for giving us Donald J. Trump the Disrupter
The changes are real and permanent. Trump will be a folk hero to loyal Americans like William Wallace is to Scotland or John the Baptist is to Christians or Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie are to Texans

Our Lady of Pontmain

.Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


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U.S. judge blocks deportation freeze in swift setback for Biden

Illegal alien holed up in Chicago church for over 3 years goes home after Biden administration suspends deportations  Left a little to early. (See link above)

Washington Football Team makes NFL history with 1st full-time Black woman coach

SCOTUS voids lower court ruling that allowed temporary abortion ban in Texas

Kentucky bill requiring abortion clinics to save babies born alive becomes law

Baby Saved in the Middle of the Abortion After Mom Changes Her Mind

At National Catholic Reporter discussion, Sister Simone Campbell praises President Biden for his “very developed approach” to abortion...

A second wave of desert locust swarms has begun striking an already hard-hit East Africa in recent weeks after heavy rains and a late-season cyclone sparked a new round of breeding, with swarms invading Kenya and southern Ethiopia

President Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’ – Will Carry On the Agenda of the Trump Administration

Trump 'not supportive' of new Patriot Party, spokesman says

Navy Chaplain posthumously received the Navy Cross

Eight US bishops have signed a statement to foster homosexual temptations in youth: “God created you, God loves you and God is on your side,”

A Quarterback And A ‘Witch’

No Good Witches  Tom Brady's wife is known to channels good energy for him at foot ball games (above link)

The Vatican has cleared  a retired U.S. bishop, (Cheyenne, Wyoming Bishop Joseph Hart), of sex assault with teenagers, even though a diocesan review board determined a half-dozen allegations of sexual abuse against him were credible.  Link

Designer protein helps paralyzed mice walk again in breakthrough study

Are We On The Brink Of A Terrible Civil War?

Why Science is Sweet on Lemon Essential Oil as a Cancer Fighter

Biden Proposes $200 Gun Tax and Firearm Buyback Program Along with 13 page Form that Asks for Fingerprints and Photograph

Arrest made in mass shooting that left 5 people dead

Most SARS-CoV-2 transmission comes from asymptomatic people, CDC analysis finds

Brothers accuse prominent Chicago priest (Pfleger) of sexual abuse

Greek Archbishop Tells the Truth About Islam, Muslim Leaders Enraged

Report: World’s 10 Richest People $500 Billion Richer Since Coronavirus Began

A staggering partial list of Democrats' flagrant corruption in the 2020 election. In state after state, Democrats put the lie to the claim that America had a 'free and fair' election last year

God usually keeps Satan on a tight chain. His power and actions are limited. However, in this time, it appears that the Prince of this World has been almost completely unleashed

The Stench of Evil