Oklahoma Catholics reflect on warrior archangel as 'black mass' looms
“It is one thing to disagree with their doctrine; it is quite another to mock and desecrate core beliefs of others,
no matter what religion they may be.”

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Tuscan demon-busters told to go by the book after a rise in irregular exorcisms

Oklahoma City archbishop worries showdown over satanic 'black mass' may loom

Journalists do not understand Catholic beliefs and therefore cannot convey the abomination of the Black Mass

Satanists get permission to hand out religious literature at schools after atheists are allowed to tell children "Jesus is dead"

BBC- Ebola aid workers slaughtered by villagers

Dishwashers identified as reservoir for Legionella

Giese survived rabies without a vaccine. Now she is getting married. She was bitten outside a Catholic after Mass 

Giese's novel treatment that saved her

It is UNTRUE that God does not need us

Arms to Syria: Congress has armed terrorists

Syrian rebels suspected of sabotaging measles vaccinations leading to death of up to 50 infants after they all went into 'severe allergic shock'

ISIS followers urged to attack Times Square with homemade bombs

The Devil’s War on Silence

My birth, a miracle of Bl Joseph Vaz

Meriam Ibrahim’s First TV Interview- Courage That Should Inspire Us All

This 9/11 story is of the hero—a Catholic and daily communicant-- who tried to take back the plane from terrorist before it crashed in PA

10 Horrifying Technologies That Should Never Be Allowed To Exist

Record number of sockeye salmon survive spawning odyssey

 Whaling Meeting Votes Against Japan's Hunt



Akiane Kramarik – The Girl Who Paints God

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N.J. man recalls vision cure attributed to Sister Miriam’s intercession
 The story behind the beatification to be the first to take place in the United States

Does a conflict with Cardinals Burke and Kaspar over family values underlie rumored demotion?

Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results
No tilling the soil, plowing or planting on the 7th year (Shemitah)

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8 Prophecies that Matter Today – Russia, the Virgin Mary, and the Catholic Church

Black Mass this Saturday: 
Tulsa exorcist claims increasing 'demonic activity'  in Okla;
Most victims are not Catholics. When exorcist first started (at the request of the bishop), the demon knew he had not fully obtained his faculties for exorcism and laughed at him. Until the exorcist did so, it would not depart.

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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A reunion straight out of Ripley’s

Man Acquitted of Rape Due to 'Sexomnia'

700 Babies Maybe Exposed to TB at Texas Hospital

Guilty verdict in peanut trial should send warning

Blase Cupich of Spokane to be next archbishop of Chicago

Spokane Diocese sues its lawyers

Cupich to Chicago- What It Actually Means

The winds of change blow across the US Church Time to stop denying the obvious

Francis rejects clericalism which turns faith into a set of rules and instructions

So what would Cupich do?
Montana gay couple denied Communion after marriage

Priest removes married gay couple from parish ministry

New Padre Pio movie planned, "Scripted in Heaven"  Thx FR

Fact-finding finished in effort to canonize Chicago’s first black priest

Pope’s advisers start first draft toward document overhauling Vatican

Pope Francis establishes Commission to reform marriage annulment process

Wheel chair bound woman cured from multiple sclerosis in Medjugorjie

Parents Reject Abortion, Prepare for Arrival of Conjoined Twins Who Share One Heart

Hero mom dies protecting her baby daughter

Pope donates Zucchetto for charity auction

Miracle of St. Januarius repeated- blood liquefies

The First American Saint

October marks the 155 anniversary of the only Church-approved Marian apparition in the United States

Scientist fired after soft tissue found on dinosaur fossil

Egyptian Academic Demands Jews Return Exodus Gold

Expect the Unexpected- More 9.0 Megaquakes Are Coming, Study Says