The Probability and Significance of 'Coincidences'

These mathematical odds are nothing short of a miracle. these mathematical odds are nothing short of a miracle


Experiment creates “Planet of the Apes” embryos, Rabbi calls it the sexual sin of the Nephilim

Israel is worried the United States is racing to revive the Iran nuclear deal at all costs, officials said Sunday evening in the conclusion of a Security Cabinet meeting. Assembling for the first time in two months, the Cabinet’s agenda revolved mainly around Iran as tensions between Jerusalem and Tehran were escalating… Link

Ireland’s four archbishops have declared that Health Minister Stephen Donnelly “clandestinely” made attending daily and Sunday Mass a criminal offense punished with up to five years in prison



A cheer for victorious elephants:  Suspected poacher killed by elephants at South African national park

Israel’s return to its homeland after 2,000 years of exile - an event completely unique in the annals of history – is miraculous

How these Holocaust survivors reconnected after miraculous twist of fate

Could a super typhoon bring late-season rain to parched California? ...not directly.   Only through disturbances  in the upper. Link requires subscription to read troposphere.

SuperTyphoon Surigae (Typhoon Bising) is slowly moving away after exploding into a Cat 5. Now downgraded.   Gorgeous Google Map. Worth a  look with one click. Clear evidence it was prayed away, IMO.

'Unbearable' conditions push Biden administration to close Houston migrant center

As Pope Pushes for the end of Private Property and for Global Communism, it is Questionable Whether he has ever read the Word of God

 Has papal promoting the agenda of Mao, Mammon, and Sodom seeped into our consciences?  Francis’ teachings — all offered, cautiously, at a non-infallible level for fear of lightning bolts — thrown doubt on historic doctrines, undermining the words of Jesus,  defying the Covenant of Noah, perverting Divine Mercy to rehabilitate Judas Iscariot, and vociferously pushing Liberation Theology to exalt the underdog, including Judas?.  Link

Fr. Martin Ongoing Push to Change Church Teaching on Homosexuality

Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince says Haiti facing “descent into hell” after brutal “400 Mawozo” gang kidnaps 7 priests, 3 others ...

Biden’s Anti-American UN Ambassador Doubles Down, Compares US’ Founding Fathers to How the Chinese Treat the Uyghurs (VIDEO)

US deports woman who lied about role in Rwandan genocide Tried in U.S. and sent to prison for 10 years...deported on release.

FDA Caught Buying ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Body Parts From Dealer

Equality Act: The most demonically inspired bill in U.S. history

Demons Witness to Sanctity of Church

Six new blesseds “resisted with heroic courage, unto death, to defend the Eucharist from desecration”

During the process of an exorcism, sometimes people get stuck. We pray and pray and pray and they don't get any better. Why are they not being liberated? What sometimes emerges is a long-standing unforgiveness.

Why do demons choke people?

78 Percent of Practicing Christians Say They Usually Feel Inspired after Worshipping God

There are now more real estate agents than homes for sale in U.S.

10 Forgotten Facts about Fatima and Why You Should Know Them

Woodpecker asks, "whooo the hell are you in my tree hollow?"

Past Headlines

The Coming Schism and How to Prepare
The Catholic Church is about to undergo a major schism, the likes not seen since the Protestant Revolution and the Eastern Schism combined! This schism may very well become the greatest schism ever, in the history of the Catholic Church.

Stop trying to justify homosexuality and other sexual sins by a supposed and ignorant claim that Jesus condoned them by his “silence”
The best defense of doctrine so far, and it's short

Scientists Create Embryos Who are Part Human, Part Monkey Duplicating the sin of the fallen angels who were sent to the abyss for it.    Some demons Christ cast out begged not to be sent there. So, Christ in his incomprehensible mercy, sent them into a herd of swine, which crashed over a cliff (which likely sent them back to Hell).

The NDE story of Jeanette Mitchell-Meadows: Intense suffering before and after

Blessings in Disguise

High priestess of witchcraft shares incredible story of deliverance

Charming works of Mercy... ‘Life Stories of a Hustler Priest’ chronicles how a poor kid from the Bronx helped countless homeless San Diegans

Mysterious Figure Appears Over Cabin Miraculously Spared From Catastrophe

Almighty, holy and eternal God and Comforter, invigorate my studies and be a lamp to my path so that I may establish myself and others in thy holy faith. JDG


Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

Collection of short specialty prayers that thwart demons in their activities

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People Who Feel Their Lives/ Livelihood Threatened Are More Likely to Experience Miracles  Interesting read

52-Year-Old Palm Coast Man Charged In Sexual Abuse of a Woman Since She Was 12...7 abortions worth

Argentinian Socialist Leader and Pro-Abortion Advocate Dies Days After Aborting Baby from abortion complications.  Abortions are dangerous to women's health.

Multiple children molested at Atlanta summer camp, police say

Incitement to riot: Maxine Waters urges Minnesota anti-police crowd to ‘stay on the street’ if Chauvin acquitted in Floyd case

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She Will Introduce Resolution to Expel Maxine Waters From Congress

Trump Got Banned from Twitter Over False Claims of Inciting Violence — Maxine Waters Incites Violence Captured on Video and Keeps Her Account

Minnesota National Guard Targeted in Drive By Shooting Hours After Rep. Maxine Waters Told BLM To Be ‘More Confrontational’

Catholic priests group backs bill requiring Christian adoption agencies to place kids with LGBT adults

Florida's Catholic DeSantis Questions COVID Vaccine Messaging – If You Get a Vaccine But Still Have to Social Distance, Wear a Mask and Isolate Then What’s The Purpose of a Vaccine

The CDC has finally said what scientists have been saying for months: Stop the hygiene theater. Stop “disinfecting” pews. And put the holy water back where it belongs...

Police Confiscated Indianapolis Shooter’s Shotgun Months Before He Bought Rifles Used in Attack

Conservative House of Representatives Republicans plan to form an “America First” caucus to promote the policies of ex-President Donald Trump and said on Friday the group would soon release a policy platform. The platform promotes “a common respect for uniquely Anglo-Saxon political traditions” and advocates for infrastructure with esthetic value that “befits the progeny of European architecture,”  Link

Court orders inspection into possible counterfeit ballots in Georgia

Magnetic Pole Reversal comeback Expected: Was this Prophesied by Malachi?

Raul Castro confirms he's resigning

So many people working from home, pandemic slows down shoe repair business

51 West Point cadets caught cheating must repeat

This woman founded a startup and grew rich and miserable. Now she’s a contemplative nun. See how she explained it to her former business partners...